Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Cheats Stronghold Crussader

To activate the cheat codes: Press the Shift, Alt, and A keys (all at the same time)while in the Main Menu. Once the cheat codes have been activated, you can select the cheat you wish to use, while playing a mission, by holding down the keys listed below.

Alt, K: Free building - no resources required
Alt, X: 100 popularity and adds 1000 gold
Alt, D: Enter debug mode

Cheat Codes

-       Defeat selected Enemy: ALT+Z
-       Cycle Characters hit: ALT+C
-       Destroy main Stronghold: Alt+G
-       Destroy Enemy Fortress: Alt+K
-       Level up one unit: ALT+L
-       Level up Characters: ALT+ P
-       100 popularity and 1000 gold: ALT+X
-       Everything is free: ALT+F
-       Change time: ALT+S
-       DEBUG Mode: ALT+D
-       Faster game play: ALT+Q
-       Defeat all onscreen enemies: ALT+Y