Friday, 14 September 2012

Resident Evil 5 Trainer

Trainer Features:

1. God Mode: with this option enabled you will become like god in game and there Is nothing that can kill you! same thing for sheva as well.

2. Infinite ammo/grandes: as it says it gives you infinite ammo and grandes.

3. Freeze Enemies: so,you are lazy enough to fight and kill them?simply activate this option then just look_em and go!

4. 1 Hit kill: don_t like to waste your time to kill them?then this option has been created for you!

5. Freeze timer: this option will freeze merceneries mode timer so you can make incredible high scores easily! ‘

6. Super Speed: don_t like your deafult speed?if so,then activate this!

7. Get $1000000000: seriuosly,do i have to explain everything to you? this option is all about $!

8. Change Costumes: press your desired hotkey before loading your save game to see the effects.

NumPad0 -> NumPad3 availabe for Chris and
NumPad4 -> NumPad7 availabe for sheva.

9. Teleport System: press

F9 to save Chris_s current position then press F10 to load it.
Press F11 to save sheva_s current position then F12 to load it.

Red Faction Guerrilla Trainer

This is a +15 trainer for v1.0 of Red Faction: Guerrilla. It is not guaranteed to work for any
other version. It has only been tested on XP, not on Vista. I guess run as Administrator to make it work on Vista. It has also been tested only to work in a Single Player Local game. I doubt it will work online. You will need the Microsoft .NET Framework v3.5 installed in order for this trainer to run at all.
- It can be downloaded from here if necessary:
Launch the game and the trainer in any order.
- If the trainer is launched first, you can alternately launch the game by clicking the associated
button. [If the game is installed anywhere other than the default directory, you will be asked to locate the exe.]

Hotkey Info
NUMPAD0 _ Infinite Health
- This will give you godmode. You can be exploded or fall from great heights without dying. NUMPAD1 _ Infinite Ammo
- This will make it so your max ammo will never run out.
NUMPAD2 _ No Reload
- This will make it so your clip ammo will never run out.
NUMPAD3 _ Infinite Jetpack
- This will make it so you can fly as high as you want with the jetpack.
NUMPAD4 _ Infinite Car Health
- This will give all vehicles infinite health. Disable if necessary for some missions.
NUMPAD5 _ No Weapon Heat
- This will allow you to fire all mounted guns without any overheating issues.
NUMPAD6 _ Gain Salvage When Buy
- This will make it so you get salvage when you buy upgrades rather than lose it.
NUMPAD7 _ Increased Salvage Capacity
- This will allow you to carry more than 30000 salvage.
NUMPAD8 _ Full Population Morale
- This will give you full morale for each of the 7 regions.
NUMPAD9 _ No EDF Control
- This will make it so the EDF never have any control in each of the 7 regions.

- This will keep the EDF meter always at green, never will it go orange or red.
- The EDF may still attack you, especially on certain missions. NUMPAD+ _ Instant Destination Arrival (Transporter)
- This will allow completion of any transporter sub-mission instantly, without the need to go anywhere. Additional Options that aren_t togglable: X _ Increase Height
- Tap this key to increase your height rapidly. F _ Increase Speed
- Hold this key to increase your forward speed.
- You must be in the air for it to work; jump, or run up a hill. F1-F4 _ Save Teleport Location
- This will save your current position, you can save 4 different locations. F5-F8 _ Load Teleport Location
- This will teleport you to the saved location, make sure you save one first.

NOTE: None of the additional options works while inside a vehicle. You may be able to save a teleport location, but you can_t load one.

Prototype TRAINER

Trainer features:
1. Teleporter
2. Unlock Abilities
3. Enhanced Camera Focus
4. Mass Affections
5. Super Moves
6. Infinite Health
7. Infinite Ammo
8. Enemies Can_t Shoot
9. Undetected
10. Instant Super Jump
11. Super Speed
12. Slow Motion
13. Hollow Mode
14. Infinite EP Points
15. Extreme Super Jump
16. Extreme Wall/Leap Jump

Plants vs. Zombies Trainer

Trainer Options:
Numpad 1 _ Unlimited Sun
Numpad 2 _ Unlimited Money
Numpad 3 _ No Recharge
Numpad 4 _ Unlimited Fertilizer
Numpad 5 _ Unlimited Bug Spray
Numpad 6 _ Unlimited Chocolate
Numpad 7 _ Unlimited Tree Food
Numpad 8 _ Freeze Zombie
Numpad 9 _ Garden Pot Never Sold Out

Need for Speed Underground 2 Trainer

Works for Retail 1.0 and patch 1.1 only

1. Infinite N20 Refill
2. Short N2O Refill
3. Jump
4. Move one unit forward( to get past red barriers)
5. Super Brakes
6. 2X Boost
7. Enable _NoBlown_ Engines.
8. Instant speed (2mph-376mph)
9. Lots of Money
10. Toggle Camera Look