Friday, 14 September 2012

Gears of War Trainer

Trainer Info:

[Numpad 0] God Mode
This will make you and Dom (your primary ally) impervious to all damage.

[Numpad 1] OneHit
Kill Will allow you to take out enemies in onehit. May not work for all enemies (such as bosses). Your team will be able to instant kill enemies too!

[Numpad 2] Infinite Ammo
Will keep your ammo full. Works for grenades too. You need some ammo first.

[Numpad 3] Super Speed
This will speed up your player by a factor of 4x, so you can get around fast!

[Numpad 4]  Slow Enemies
This will slow down your enemies to make them easy prey.

[Numpad 5] Fast Enemies
This will speed up your enemies to make them a little more challenging.

[Numpad 6] PintSized Mode
This will make your player pintsized, although the hitbox is the same.

[Numpad 7]  Giant Mode
This will make your player giant sized. Careful where you use this though.

[Numpad 8] Tiny Enemies
This will make your enemies tiny, so they are harder to spot and kill!

[Numpad 9] Large Enemies
This will make your enemies large, so they are easy to spot and take out!

[F8] Freeze Enemies This will effectively cripple your opponents, so they can’t move at all. It is possible to freeze them in midair and stuff, so it’s quite fun.

Translocation This option is the most complex in this release. This will allow you to shoot an enemy and swap places with them. It only works for you as the player. You will need to reactivate the hack after using it (it turns itself off).

Save Position Saves your current position in the game world to memory, to restore later. Don’t save in silly places, as it might cause you to get stuck when you load.

Load Position Restores your previously saved position to teleport your character in the game. You can’t teleport between levels and certain areas and save spots.

Undo Teleport This is a safety option, and will allow you to return to your last spot before using the load position cheat (in case you pressed it accidently).