Friday, 14 September 2012

Red Faction Guerrilla Trainer

This is a +15 trainer for v1.0 of Red Faction: Guerrilla. It is not guaranteed to work for any
other version. It has only been tested on XP, not on Vista. I guess run as Administrator to make it work on Vista. It has also been tested only to work in a Single Player Local game. I doubt it will work online. You will need the Microsoft .NET Framework v3.5 installed in order for this trainer to run at all.
- It can be downloaded from here if necessary:
Launch the game and the trainer in any order.
- If the trainer is launched first, you can alternately launch the game by clicking the associated
button. [If the game is installed anywhere other than the default directory, you will be asked to locate the exe.]

Hotkey Info
NUMPAD0 _ Infinite Health
- This will give you godmode. You can be exploded or fall from great heights without dying. NUMPAD1 _ Infinite Ammo
- This will make it so your max ammo will never run out.
NUMPAD2 _ No Reload
- This will make it so your clip ammo will never run out.
NUMPAD3 _ Infinite Jetpack
- This will make it so you can fly as high as you want with the jetpack.
NUMPAD4 _ Infinite Car Health
- This will give all vehicles infinite health. Disable if necessary for some missions.
NUMPAD5 _ No Weapon Heat
- This will allow you to fire all mounted guns without any overheating issues.
NUMPAD6 _ Gain Salvage When Buy
- This will make it so you get salvage when you buy upgrades rather than lose it.
NUMPAD7 _ Increased Salvage Capacity
- This will allow you to carry more than 30000 salvage.
NUMPAD8 _ Full Population Morale
- This will give you full morale for each of the 7 regions.
NUMPAD9 _ No EDF Control
- This will make it so the EDF never have any control in each of the 7 regions.

- This will keep the EDF meter always at green, never will it go orange or red.
- The EDF may still attack you, especially on certain missions. NUMPAD+ _ Instant Destination Arrival (Transporter)
- This will allow completion of any transporter sub-mission instantly, without the need to go anywhere. Additional Options that aren_t togglable: X _ Increase Height
- Tap this key to increase your height rapidly. F _ Increase Speed
- Hold this key to increase your forward speed.
- You must be in the air for it to work; jump, or run up a hill. F1-F4 _ Save Teleport Location
- This will save your current position, you can save 4 different locations. F5-F8 _ Load Teleport Location
- This will teleport you to the saved location, make sure you save one first.

NOTE: None of the additional options works while inside a vehicle. You may be able to save a teleport location, but you can_t load one.

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