Friday, 14 September 2012

Resident Evil 5 Trainer

Trainer Features:

1. God Mode: with this option enabled you will become like god in game and there Is nothing that can kill you! same thing for sheva as well.

2. Infinite ammo/grandes: as it says it gives you infinite ammo and grandes.

3. Freeze Enemies: so,you are lazy enough to fight and kill them?simply activate this option then just look_em and go!

4. 1 Hit kill: don_t like to waste your time to kill them?then this option has been created for you!

5. Freeze timer: this option will freeze merceneries mode timer so you can make incredible high scores easily! ‘

6. Super Speed: don_t like your deafult speed?if so,then activate this!

7. Get $1000000000: seriuosly,do i have to explain everything to you? this option is all about $!

8. Change Costumes: press your desired hotkey before loading your save game to see the effects.

NumPad0 -> NumPad3 availabe for Chris and
NumPad4 -> NumPad7 availabe for sheva.

9. Teleport System: press

F9 to save Chris_s current position then press F10 to load it.
Press F11 to save sheva_s current position then F12 to load it.