Friday, 27 September 2013

Menambah VRAM di Laptop Terbaru

Halo sobat blogger, kali ini saya akan berbagi tips untuk menambah vram sobat. Seperti yang kita tahu biasanya vram laptop kita hanya dishare sepertiga dari vram yang ada, namun kali ini saya akan memberi tips untuk mendapat 100% vram di laptop sobat.
To setting how much shared memory for your Intel graphic, you must set it from BIOS. But, the problem is, BIOS hiding chipset menu. You can still change the BIOS menu from American Megatrends BIOS Configuration Program for AMI
I try this in Asus A43e, for other notebook maybe you can modified my step.
  1. First, download your bios file from your laptop official website. Next, you can modify the BIOS file with AMIBCP. I’m using AMIBCP v4.53. Open AMIBCP
  2. Now, open your BIOS file.And modify DVMT Pre-Allocated to 512 for Failsafe and 512 for Optimal. Now, save your BIOS file.
  3. To apply your setting, you must flash it with AFUWIN.
  4. Open, your BIOS file that you modify from AMIBCP, checklist Program All Blocks. And klik Flash to flash it. Now, reboot your laptop.
  5. For better performance, use 4gb RAM.
  6. You can share my experience, but you must include my blog as source.

Nb: untuk diatas saya sebenarnya menggunakan 256mb vram dan hasilnya perfect namun ram di laptop saya berkurang 100mb. Itu yang dapat saya simpulkan

Semoga Bermanfaat ^_^
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